Attracting New Association Members with Content Marketing

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Attracting New Association Members with Content Marketing: Transcript

The life-blood of any member-based organization are its’ members and attendees to its’ events and conferences. Well, how do you attract more? It’s always goal to get more members. Well, you have this great content, use that as a marketing tool; content marketing is huge. The best way of doing this is exposing all of your content to search engines such as Google, ┬áBing and Yahoo.

Remember you want to find your new members and new attendees where they are, even if you don’t know where they are. Well, they are on search engines. There are 4.7 billion searches on Google alone every day, and many of those are searching for content just like yours. With content like yours, you can make your association grow and you can make your association continue to be profitable in the future.

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