Omnipress Arrives at ASTD in Dallas to Rustle Up Some Trainers

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Destination:  ASTD International Conference and Expo in Dallas, TX

Journal Entry: Day 5, San Antonio

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The fifth day of our journey to ASTD, we made a quick stop at the Alamo in San Antonio, TX. The tough decisions and enormous responsibilities that came with this long journey put us in the need for a stiff drink. A mixed drink at the Alamo will help us relax and ease into a decision about our travel to Dallas.

Budget vs. Learning = BATTLE

For many organizations the annual budgeting process is like a classic gun battle at the Alamo as everyone fights for their own share of the money allocation. Continuing education is key to helping professionals around the globe remain certified and informed about the latest laws, technologies, and best practices of their respective industries. The importance of continuing education challenges organizations to decide how best to allocate their CE budget. Should organizations continue to invest in their tried-and-true Instructor-Led Training seminars and courses, or is it time to allocate more of their annual budget to eLearning, gamification, and other online technologies that continue to add value to the learner experience?

The Solution: Blended Learning

Whether your organization is more face-to-face centric or online when it comes to delivering your CE content, the benefits of a BLENDED approach are too great to ignore. Blended learning captures the needs of all learning styles, helping students with retention and giving them the freedom to learn the material when they want, and how they want. It’s time to make the learner experience and learning retention the top priority — some in your organization may not like this – but yes, a priority just as important as your budget.

Omnipress has print and fulfillment services as well as an online and mobile solution to help organizations, affiliates, and chapters enhance the learners’ experience.


It’s time to head to ASTD in Dallas and rustle up some trainers to tell them about our blended learning solutions!

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