Leveraging Membership to Grow Your Association

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Leveraging Your Existing Members to Increase Overall Membership

You’ve heard me mention a few times that educational content is only good if it’s able to be found. Well, this is where your members, attendees and social networking comes in. Now imagine one of your members goes onto your site and wants to share a specific page that they’re viewing or they like a specific article. Well this is then pushed out the their Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

You’re able to leverage their group, their contacts. Now remember, access walls and pay-walls are still in effect, so just because they’ve shared this link and it’s not findable, that doesn’t mean that people now have access to it. When they come to the page, they’re still stopped, they’re still asked for a username, password or even for additional money. Now in the same scenario, they don’t have to have a specific page they like, they just want to promote that they were on your site. “Hi. I’m at ABC website and I think you should come here too.”

Again, this is a great way to leveraging your association members and attendees to grow your association.

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