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Destination: ASTD International Conference and Expo in Dallas, TX

Journal Entry: Day 1, Kansas City

Native american

The first stop in our adventure to ASTD is Kansas City, MO. Tony and I encounter a Native American tribe. Though we were uncomfortable at first, we learned much about the practices, culture and beliefs of this friendly, peaceful group.

Learn From Others

Organizations and associations are known for their desire to learn about what others are doing. How are others delivering content – print or online? Face-to-face or virtual learning environments?  Organizations can learn a lot from each other – and from organizations outside of their industry.

It’s important to learn from other organizations, but it’s more important to evaluate the impact on your organization and learners before playing “follow the leader.” Think hard about why you may want to implement what you may learn from other organizations. “Because everyone else is doing it” wasn’t a good answer when you were a teenager, and it isn’t enough now, either. Will a change reinforce your mission? Will it benefit your learners? In order to work for your organization, the change must support your budget, mission, and learners.

3 Things You Can Learn From Other Organizations:

  1. How are other organizations delivering continuing education? Face-to-face, self-study, eLearning? Many organizations are choosing a blended learning approach of at least two methods.
  2. What types of formats are organizations producing in order to most effectively deliver their CE materials: print, digital, or online? Is video or gaming an important component for learning? Are organizations allocating more of their budget to produce a mobile experience?
  3. Why are other organizations delivering continuing education in face-to-face events or in an online format? Have they considered the culture and demographics of their learner base? Continuing educational professionals who are at different stages of their career or life may have different learning styles and therefore chose different learning methods.

As we know the cowboys and Indians of the Old West were able to learn from each other. Take some time to think about some organizations that you can learn from. Helpful tip: Think outside your industry expertise. You’ll be surprised what you may learn.


The sun is now setting on day 1. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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