How Choosing a Fulfillment Partner is Like Getting Married: Part 5

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How Choosing a Fulfillment Partner is Like Getting Married: Part 5

The past few weeks I’ve been sharing how evaluating and choosing a training, publications and order fulfillment vendor is a lot like getting married. Now it’s time to set the date. Work through a schedule for transition to your new partner and process. Ask questions about how long the transition rollout will take. Be very thorough at this step.

Then, write the prenuptual agreement together. Make sure the agreement is well thought out and takes into consideration things like returns. Who your customers will call if your things are damaged in transit. There should be no surprises.

Finally, if you like it, put a ring on it. It’s time for happily ever after. Congratulations! You’ve made a careful, calculated decision. Good luck you crazy kids! I’m Tony and thanks for the minute.

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