4 Reasons Why USBs are Still Relevant at Conferences

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Customized USBUSBs. Flash drives. Thumb drives. Whatever you call them, they’ve become a necessity at any event. But in the age of iPads, which don’t even have USB ports on them, some people wonder why they are even still around. So we thought we ‘d give you a little insiders information as to what we hear from our clients pretty regularly. Here are four reasons why Customized USBs are still highly desirable at your next conference or event.

1. Branding

Associations and other organizations alike are constantly looking for ways to increase their brand awareness, and rightfully so. Adding your organization’s logo on the side of USBs that you will giveaway to hundreds or even thousands of industry insiders is a great way to continue to spread the word that you are still relevant. Some clients of ours have even sold their USBs at conferences to members and non-members in order to leverage the value of their content. Being able to sell your content to industry insiders because your content is valuable enough to put a price on it; now that’s powerful! It’s all about leveraging your content and keeping it relevant.

2. Notetaking

notetaking on USBsGiving away a USB with content on it is a great way to add value to your conference. Providing attendees with pertinent speaker material so they can follow along and learn that much easier is a huge bonus. But now imagine being able to take notes on that USB as the speaker goes from page to page. Attendees are able to keep personalized notes on each session and topic, making your conference even more valuable.

  • Notes are uniquely associated with the PDF or HTMl version of the corresponding paper, presenation or abstract on the drive
  • Notes can be created, saved and re-edited as often as needed
  • Users can print out their notes
  • Notes are fully searchable

Learn more about notetaking!

3. Stay in front of users

Imagine being able to stay in front of your members and users on a daily basis. Now think about things that you use nearly every day while working, or even at home. USBs are a great way to continuously have your logo or brand in front of your members or even non-members each and every day. People attach them to their keychains to carry from home to office and have them plugged in at work constantly to save important documents that they need to transport from point a to point b. Having a USB with your logo and content on them is a great way for you to stay in front of users each and every day.

4. Usability

When people think of having content on a USB, they think of having a random list of PDFs or Word documents thrown onto it. This isn’t the case with our USBs. We custom build a site for your materials on the USB that is completely searchable. This means your attendees have  an organized system to view and search for certain documents as they please. We do whatever we can to make things more useful for you and your attendees and this is just another way we make our USBs stand out from the crowd!

Click here to view a sample of our USB Sites


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