Searchability in a Digital Publishing Platform

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Searchability in a Digital Publishing Platform

There are many benefits to digital publishing. One of which, is it makes people’s lives easier. Now let’s evaluate this from the user’s prospective and the admin’s perspective. For a user, they go online and they’re looking for a specific piece of information, possibly an article from years ago. They log in, they search the content, and they find exactly what they’re looking for. They’re then able to download that, whether for free, or whether or not you’ve charged them for that, they’re able to go on their way with the information they’re looking for.

Now in the same scenario, how is the admin’s life made easier? Well, the admin didn’t do anything! That’s how their life is easier, they didn’t have to do anything. They didn’t have to go in the back room and find this old article and mail it to them. They didn’t have to have a CD or USB reprinted and mailed out to the user. ┬áNone of the happened. Their life was easier because the user was able to use the site to get the information they needed.

Remember, things are supposed to make your life easier, and digital publishing with searchability can do that.

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