How to Get Attendees to Engage with Your Blended Learning Solution

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blended learningWith all of the technology advances in the past few years, we all try to do more by multitasking, but we probably end up doing even less. That’s a completely different blog article, however. Today I’d like to discuss something that we all struggle with from time to time. How to hold attendees’ attention for the duration of your webinars or online conferences.

I talk with training and development folks who share with me that their association has teleconferences, webinars and online learning as part of their continuing educational offering. Let’s all be honest, we’ve all found ourselves not paying attention to much of the content during  a webinar; we’re all guilty of it. And the same goes  for those who attend your online events.

We all know by now that people learn in different ways, and most people retain only 10% of what they hear.  Learning and retention gets incrementally better with each sense added, meaning you should offer multiple facets of communication including audio, visual, textual and so on.

Blended Learning can mean different things to different people, but in short, it usually involves combining learning formats. An example might be having an online chat component to an online-only class. One could also add a print book or app to online learning. Another example of blended learning might involve onsite training with and online component or app, or a workbook.

No matter what the solution, the idea is to help people learn the content that is natural to their style.  One way to do this is to add a dimension to the education you already offer.

“Learning and retention gets incrementally better with each added sense.”

Oh and that webinar you’re not paying attention to? What would happen if the attendees had a workbook they took notes in or were asked to engage with during the webinar? It could be fair to say that adding a print component adds value to your onsite, online class or webinar experience. This is especially true because many people learn from actually, physically writing ideas or takeaways down to reference in their own words later.

Making sure that you are giving your attendees and students every opportunity to find value and knowledge in your content is essential. By providing them with material in various formats, you are making sure they have the best opportunity to learn the material in the way they learn best.

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