How Choosing a Fulfillment Partner is Like Getting Married: Part 2

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How Choosing a Fulfillment Partner is Like Getting Married: Part 2

In this second part of a five part series, I’m continuing the analogy of evaluating and choosing a training, publications and order fulfillment partner is almost like getting married. Step two is to ask them out on a date. When you like someone, you start talking to them and maybe him or her out on a date.

It’s not good manners to go through each other’s wallets or purses though. Like Dan Loomis said in a previous Weekly Minute, pricing isn’t the first thing you should be discussing. Get to know one another and spend some time finding out if you and the vendor are a good fit; build rapport. Be transparent and straight-forward but don’t rush things. By the end of your conversation, agree to the next steps. The next step could be taking a call or it could be a “No, this is not what I’m looking for,” and that’s ok!

You’re not going to sign a contract, or get married, after the first meeting, so “Yes,” isn’t even an option. I’m Tony and thanks for the minute!

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