Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Order Fulfillment or Print Partner: Full Video Series

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Choosing an order fulfillment or print partner can be an extremely stressful process. With a large time and monetary commitment involved, you really need to be sure you are selecting the perfect fit for your organization.

In this four-part series, Product Director Dan Loomis discusses the common mistakes people make when going through this process.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

  • Part 1: Don’t base your entire decision based on budget
  • Part 2: Print and Fulfillment experience doesn’t always mean it’s the right fit
  • Part 3: Brand integrity
  • Part 4: Think about the future and think big!

Part 1 of 4: Full Transcript

Hey! Thanks for joining. Today is the first part in a four part video on, how to avoid mistakes when selecting your order fulfillment and print provider.  If you know me, you know that I enjoy cars and when I go to buy a new car, I go in a little bit guarded about the things that I really care about. And I always consider my budget.

When I talk to prospects about order fulfillment and print, I get that same reaction, a little bit guarded. And I understand that because this stuff (refers to money) is important. But I want to encourage you to make sure you are opening up and sharing data and really being forthcoming with that information so that your partner can really help you with that apples to apples comparison. It’s not easy. A lot of times it’s like apples to elephants so if you can help them with that information they’re going to help you make that decision.

Most importantly what I want to make sure you understand, is don’t make that decision purely off of budget.  It can really get you in trouble. So, I’m Dan Loomis, and that’s my minute!

Part 2 of 4: Full Transcript

Hey. Thanks again for joining. Today’s part two of Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Order Fulfillment or Print Partner. Just because someone has a lot of experience or high volume in printing and fulfillment, doesn’t always ensure that it’s a great fit for you.

What I want you to think about are, what are those unique needs that you have and is bigger always better? In some cases, because an organization is bigger, they might be able to handle some things that are unique to your organization. But, in some case, smaller might be better in that they might be able to adapt and really adjust to some of the things that you have for unique needs.

So, consider those like integration with your databases, your e-commerce systems, and all those things that can really make it difficult, not only for you, but for your entire organization. All the way from accounting to content creation and all of those figures and data that you’re going to need to run your business successfully.

Just think about that, and really consider if an organization is the right fit, just because they have the experience, can they really adjust to what you want. I’m Dan Loomis and that’s my minute.

Part 3 of 4: Full Transcript

Hey! Thanks for joining me for part 3 of Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Order Fulfillment or Print Partner. Point number three; brand integrity, (which is) very important. Look for that provider that’s looking out for your brand. All the way from start to finish; your end users, your affiliates, the participants, maybe even how you create that content. Not just how your work book looks.

Maybe your work book does need a whole new look, branding or redesign. Your print and fulfillment vendor should be able to help you with that, but that’s probably a real minor thing and that’s a pretty basic expectation. Have them really look all the way through the process.

Any maybe you have affiliates. Affiliates that are on site or instructors who are fifty-five, sixty-five years old who don’t really want to live heavy boxes when the material gets to their event. Your fulfillment provider should not only be able to handle that request, but they should be able to come to you with those requests and those kind of questions.

So when you’re evaluating your next service provider and you want them to be a partner, look for those kind of questions and evaluations. My name is Dan Loomis, and that’s my minute!

Part 4 of 4: Full Transcript

Thanks for joining me for part four of Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Order Fulfillment or Print Partner. First, we talked about making the decision based solely on your budget. Secondly, we talked about bigger isn’t always better. Just because someone might be the largest print and fulfillment provider, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for your organization. Third we talked about brand integrity, and is that organization helping your extend your brand to really meet your needs.

Fourth, but not least, is really thinking big. Is that partner helping you get to that next phase where you want to go? What are your strategic goals? What are your objectives? Do you want to get content online? Does that provider have the ability, not only the technical capabilities, but does it have the right mindset to help you think through those things and really be that partner for you?

So, please, consider that very carefully. I’m Dan Loomis, and that’s my minute!

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