Call for Posters: Collecting Student Submissions from Start to Finish

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Call for Posters: Collecting Student Submissions from Start to Finish

Let’s talk about your CFP process, whether that be a call for papers, call for presentations or call for posters. Let’s dig a little bit deeper into a call for posters. Maybe you start off and your submitters come in and they give you the idea of what they’re going to be submitting and what is actually going to be on the poster. Once that deadline is come and gone, you are then able to go into the system and review this information, view the poster, view the information they have given you.

Now you’ve gone through and accepted them. You’re sending them an email like, “You’ve been accepted! Your poster will be hung during this date, this location, this time.” This is all great information for them. Now you can invite them back into the system and collect the actual visual representation of that poster, maybe an e-poster.

This is all information that you want to make sure that you capture in one system. You want to save time and you want to make sure you can do all this in one location. Just remember, you want to save time by doing all of your CFP process in one location.

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