Archiving Your Associations Content Online

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Archiving Your Association’s Content Online

You’ve heard me mention many times that good content is king, not just content. Let’s assume that you are one of those associations that actually has good content. You work very hard at generating it and you give it to your attendees and members and they really really appreciate it.

Now the question is, “Now what?” Now, what do you do with it?” Now that you have this content, how do you share it for years to come? Was is your content that you’ve done before and how is that still benefiting your members?

This is where an archive comes in. Having all of this in a centralized location where your members and attendees can go to get content from any year. Searchable content and content that can be easily accessed. Remember, your content is valuable and it’s hard to come by, so make sure that you’re leveraging all of your content, not just new content.

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