3 Ways Collection Makes Online Review Easier: Part 2

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3 Ways Collection Makes Online Review Easier: Part 2

Now, in part two and three of the review process, I want to discuss what’s going to make your life easier; your life as the admin. In the first part, let’s discuss the beginning of review, before it’s even started. How are your reviews going to be done? Are they going to be done manually? Are they going to be done randomly? Or are they going to be done topic or category? These are all pieces of information you know when you set up your system. This way your system can be ready for you when you get to the review part.

Once you’ve established this, you want to make sure it’s very easy for you to make these assignments. You also want to make sure your end goal is finished. Do you need to make sure each one is reviewed three or four times? This is all information you want to keep in mind so you can make sure you’re using the system for YOU. You want to let the system do some of the work.

Remember, you want to make your life as easy as possible so let the system do that work when it comes to assigning reviews.

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