How to Enhance Printed Participant Manuals with Online Access

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How to Take Printed Participant Manuals Online

Hi, I’m Dan Loomis and if you’ve followed any of my articles, you know that I always talk about how to enhance print and online and really create a nice blended learning solution. It’s not always about one or the other. So, I want to talk about instructor-led content, in particular, participant manuals, that you would provide on-site, at your live meeting.

How do we turn a printed participant manual into something a little more interactive like this, the iPad? Well, you can try and use a QR code. A QR code, like this one for example, can take you to a video. Maybe it’s a video on surgery, or a discussion or poll. Anything you want to put online, you can put it in various pages of the manual and it’ll take people to that particular page on the website or an online knowledge center or any other kind of digital publishing platform.

So, hopefully that’s helpful for you. Start thinking of this as more of an interactive tool and a vehicle to the Internet. Here’s a QR code, one of my favorite videos of Melissa McCarthy. I’m Dan Loomis and that’s my minute.


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