Educational Trends: The Mass Adoption of Online and Hybrid Learning

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The Future of Higher Education

I came across an article on the Pew Internet Research website about the future of higher education. In a non-scientific survey of over 1,000 internet experts, researchers, observers and users. 60% agreed that there would be a mass adoption of teleconferencing, online, and hybrid learning by the year 2020. While the questions seemed to be focused on University and campus learning, there should be little doubt that professional training, certification and continuing education will follow this anticipated pattern.

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What educational trends do you expect to see in professional training, certification and continuing education by 2020?

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June 22nd, 2015Ashley says:

yes, i have come across the news in a survey stating 60% of the children are educating through the online education. The reason might be it is providing wide range of courses in the stress free environment and one can get the course in the flexible timing, and the students who have career in other fields can get the education simultaneously while excelling in their concerned career. These are very few, but there are many benefits from the online education. Thanks for sharing a great blog. Keep blogging.
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