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Published by John Eisele on February 1st, 2013 | Topics: Online Collection Systems, Online Publishing, Weekly Minute

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You’ve heard me mention, “keep the end in mind,” before. And when this comes to content collection and digital publication, what exactly does that mean?

Well, you don’t want to start your collection process before you know exactly what you are going to be publishing online. With a digital publishing platform, the sky’s the limit.

You can publish:

  • Videos
  • Audio Files
  • Presentations
  • Standard Papers
  • Handouts
  • Or, any other format you’d like!

But to make your life easier, you want to be sure to collect this up front.

Remember, it’s always easier to ask your people to submit information the the first time, then to go back and get it later. So always think with the end in mind, and make sure you know what you want to do, and collect it up front.

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