The Importance of Responsive Design in Digital Publishing

Published by John Eisele on January 11th, 2013 | Topics: Conferences, Content Strategy, Online Publishing, Weekly Minute

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What is Responsive Web Design and Why is it Important?

One of the hottest topics when it comes to web development and digital publishing  is responsive design. In a recent article, Mashable went as far as saying that “2013 Is the Year of Responsive Web Design.”

It no longer matters where you are, getting to the Internet is as easy as it has ever been. But once you get to the Internet on your smartphone or tablet, is the content easy to read?

For example, have you ever have to pinch and zoom your tablet screen in order to click the correct like? Wouldn’t it be easier if that website recognized you were using a tablet, and increased the size of that link?

Responsive design makes online content easier to consume by using code to recognize the size of the screen and adjusting content accordingly. It’s great to have those large, high quality images or extras links on your desktop screen, but when you’re on the go you want to consume data more quickly. When the site you visit recognizes you are on a smartphone and shrinks or removes the images, this makes reading the content easier and more enjoyable.

Save Time with Responsive Design

Nothing is more valuable to people than their time. If you can make your content readable and easy to access no matter where they are, they will thank you for saving them time. Saving time isn’t just for your attendees; your time is valuable too. Updating content both on your website and a mobile site takes time— time you may not have. Responsive design allows you to update content on one site and regardless of the device, the same information is delivered.

Have you ever received an email containing both a regular link and a “mobile-friendly” link? Did you open the wrong one? If you did, you either got a busy site that was too hard to read on your phone, or a boring site that contained too much white space for your computer. Responsive design solves this issue, so you only have to send one link, and your attendees can access the content anywhere in a consumable format.

Remember, it is your content. Make sure your attendees are viewing it the way you want them to, regardless of when or where they want to.

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