3 Ways an Online Component Can Enhance Instructor-Led Training

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Dan Loomis: Hey. This week I want to talk about blended learning and how an online solution can help enhance your instructor-led training. So, I invited John Eisele to come in and talk about digital publishing platforms.

John Eisele: Dan, there are really three benefits to a blended learning approach; access control, mobility, and supplementary materials. With access control, you can limit who sees what, making sure your students see the material that you want them to, and when you want them to. With mobility, they can take their content and learning wherever they want to go, whether that be at home, on a tablet or even a phone. And with supplementary materials you can provide them additional information, whether that be videos, powerpoints, or current handouts.

Dan: Excellent. So I know there are a lot more features to the system, so we’ll invite John to come back to talk a little bit more about those features on future videos. We’ll talk about blended learning and really enhancing that instructor-led training. I’m Dan Loomis. Thank you John, and that’s my minute.

John: Thank you!

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