Making the Content in Your Digital Publishing Platform Searchable

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Digital Publishing Platforms Need to be Searchable

The two most important things we find in digital publishing are your content, and your members being able to search that content to find exactly what they’re looking for. Remember, your content includes everything from your title, full text of the document, author information and any metadata that you may have included.

Now imagine your site contains PDFs concerning fruit, but your members are looking for just those talking about apples. This is where searchability comes in.We’ve all gone to a search site and gotten way too many results back, and this is where the metadata helps. Users can then filter that information down to the content that is just talking about green apples, or maybe small green apples. They can use any of the metadata that you provided to help filter this information. Once they continue to search, your members will be able to find the exact page that talks about small green apples, and this is going to make their life much easier.

Your content is only as good as your users using it. So, remember to make it as searchable as possible.

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