How to Measure Success of Mobile Event Apps

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One of the greatest mistakes you can make when providing a mobile event app for your annual conference or meeting is waiting until the conference is over to try and figure out if your app was successful or not.

Instead, prior to launching a mobile event app, you should take the time to consider what success will look like for your app. Start by reviewing the objective for your mobile event app, and then determine how you can measure if your objective was met.

2 Ways to Measure Success of a Mobile Event App

Here are two simple ways you can determine if your mobile event app objective was met:

  • Ask for Attendee Feedback.
    Include a survey for attendees to take in the app allowing them to share feedback on the functionality and usefulness of your mobile app.
  • Utilize Analytics.
    Track how many attendees download your mobile event app, the most viewed content, number of visitors to the sponsor module, or other important data.

Please note: It is important to talk to your mobile event app provider to understand what data will be available to you.

Using Analytics for Mobile Event Apps

If you collect data, be sure you think about how it can be used. For example, if you have a sponsor listing in your app, you can use the data to help gain more sponsors in the future.




Also, if you know the speaker information was a frequently visited module, you can think about how to add or change the information to get the most value, encouraging attendees to check out other modules of the conference app.




The key is to have the data available to so you can make intelligent decisions on how to improve the mobile app for upcoming conferences.

How are you measuring the success of your mobile event apps?



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