The Effect of the Fiscal Cliff on Continuing Education

Published by Dan Loomis on January 7th, 2013 | Topics: Training, Weekly Minute

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Is the Fiscal Cliff Affecting Your Continuing Education and Instructor-Led Training?

If you’ve turned on the news lately, and assuming you’re not living underneath a rock, you’ve probably heard a lot about the fiscal cliff. Even though we have somewhat of a resolution in place, there’s still a lot of concern on how it’s impacting industries.

In particular, I was reading an article on, Fiscal Cliff Fears Slow Exhibition Industry Growth, talking about the exhibit industry. For nine consecutive months, they’ve had growth and now there’s concern around a slow down due to the fears of the fiscal cliff.

What I’m curious about is, how is it impacting your industry and in particular in the continuing education and instructor-led training? Is there going to be a concern or at least an emphasis around blended learning to reduce some of your costs, or maybe reduce the cost of some of your participants? Is continuing education as important, and maybe it will be more important now that there’s fears of the fiscal cliff and the economy in general? Maybe people will want to continue to do continuing education?

I’m really curious to know from your perspective how it is effecting your industry. So please, leave me some comments and feedback, and I’d love to be able to chat and help expand upon these ideas and thoughts. My name is Dan Loomis and that’s my minute.

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