Perfecting Content Marketing and Increased Mobile Adoption Will Thrive in 2013

Published by Sara Olbrantz on January 2nd, 2013 | Topics: Content Strategy, Mobile Apps, Online Publishing

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25-Inspired-Marketing-Predictions-for-2013Recently, ExactTarget compiled an eBook entitled, “25 Inspired Marketing Predictions for 2013.” This eBook includes predictions from some of the industry’s most well-known thought leaders around the future of:

  • Marketing
  • Mobile
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Automation
  • Cross-Channel Marketing

Below are some of highlights that are particularly relevant to associations.

Content Marketing Evolves with Meaningful Engagement

Christopher Parkin, Strategic Alliance & Adobe Genesis, with Adobe Systems shares that marketing leaders will gain a better understanding of all the data they gather from their customers’ social and web activity. This, in turn, will help them deliver more meaningful engagement. Parkin defines “meaningful engagement” as “delivering content and experience that is so timely, relevant, and personal that it adds value to our customer’s lives.”

Our Prediction: Associations need to invest in a tool that will simplify the process of creating and delivering “meaningful engagement.” Associations who have already adopted digital publishing platforms, or eLibraries will continue to leverage these tools in 2013 to drive more web traffic, gain new members and increase member satisfaction. As these associations thrive and ROI becomes increasingly apparent, other associations will begin to reevaluate their content strategy and consider an online library.

How is your association going to deliver more meaningful content in 2013?

Mobile Apps Take Over

Brent Hieggelke, CMO of Urban Airship, states, “It’s probably time for us to just agree that this is the decade of mobile. The fact is that mobile changes things more than anything we’ve ever seen.” Mobile has continued to evolve in that it is no longer a “brand’s playground,” but it has become a “strategic imperative.”

Our Prediction: Organizations holding meetings for their members are going to adopt mobile event apps at an astounding rate as more and more attendees come to expect them at annual meetings and events. It is important that before organizations jump on the mobile app bandwagon, they consider it as a part of their whole content strategy. Some conference content may not be as usable if delivered via a mobile app, so how are you going to distribute that content? Print? Online? On that note, it may be worth finding a mobile event app vendor who can also assist you in your printed programs or conference website.

Is your association incorporating mobile into your marketing strategy for 2013?

Check our more 2013 Marketing Predictions by downloading the full eBook, or just get the gist of it by checking out this infographic.

Free Guide: Mobile Event App Marketing
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