What Content Can be Collected in an Online Abstract Collection System?

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Abstract Collection Systems Collect More than Just Abstracts

You’ve heard me talk a lot about abstract collection, and maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t have abstracts. Will a system like this still work for me?”

Well, the answer is yes! Maybe you’re not capturing abstracts, but you are looking to capture presentations or maybe a powerpoint, maybe videos; an abstract collection system can help you with that. Maybe you’re also looking to gather speaker materials. Whether that be photos, bios, speaker agreements, or even when speakers will be arriving to town and what hotel they’ll be staying at. This type of information can be captured using an online collection system.

Maybe you’re looking to capture posters, whether that be a visual representation of the poster, or just the content on the poster, you can capture this within an online abstract collection system as well.

Remember, you’re using a system to make your life easier and time more valuable. Make sure you have everyone coming to the online collection system to give you the information and the data that you need.

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