Blended Learning: Which Format is Right for Attendees?

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This week in the ASTD LinkedIn group, I read some interesting information about blended learning. There were two different studies that were detailed in the Department of Education report. The first study that was done had two groups; online, and online with a face-to-face component. Now, you might think that the online with the face-to-face component scored higher. True, it did!

In study number two, there was another group with online and online discussion against online with a face-to-face component. Which scored higher? Actually, the online with online discussion. This may seem counter-intuitive and because we a lot of times think that a face-to-face component in blended learning for there to be higher test scores and better retention. This is not always true.

The point is, is to present the materials in a way that the attendees or the learners want to receive them.

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