Using an Outside Print and Fulfillment Vendor

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The Truth About Internal Print and Fulfillment

If you haven’t gotten your staff a Christmas present yet, it might not be too late, especially if you’re using your internal staff to fill orders for your instructor-led training events.

I know a lot of organizations, associations and other businesses like to use their internal staff to help fulfill orders and sometimes even print orders. That can be a challenge and a lot of times it can be a task that your staff, believe it or not, doesn’t necessarily enjoy.

There are challenges with shipping, especially if you have international shipping. Why rely on your internal staff to be experts on all that, when they could be adding value to your organization, maybe building your brand or other things.

So, if you have things that are time consuming like order fulfillment, maybe this year you should get your staff something special and turn to an elf from a third-party fulfillment center.

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When Dan Loomis took over as a Product Director, he aspired to be like his new role model… Santa Claus. “There’s no one more skilled in fulfillment than Kris Kringle,” Dan more

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