Abstract Collection: What Format Should You Use?

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Considerations for Choosing an Abstract Collection Format

You know you want to collect abstracts, but now what format do you collect them in?

Do you collect them in text box, Word file or PDF? Each format has their pluses and minuses. If you capture them as a text box, you can manipulate it completely at the end and format it to any type of document you’d like.

If you want to capture it as a Word document, you can get everything pre-formatted for you. However, do you trust your submitters to give you everything you need the right way, the first time? If not, you’ll have to go through each file and make the edits.

PDFs, if everything is perfect, are great. Even though that might be your end document, if you don’t have it as a PDF, you won’t be able to make edits.

Remember: Always keep the end product in mind and how much work you want to put into the end.

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