4 Ways Delivering Conference Content is Changing

Published by Steve Manicor on November 12th, 2012 | Topics: Associations, Mobile Apps, Online Publishing

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digital publishingOrganizations have talked about going “paperless” for more than a quarter century. Yet, for all the talk, there was little actual movement in that direction.

The year 2012 appears to be when reality has caught up to the hype. With the explosive popularity of tablets, smartphones and eReaders we have seen a true paradigm shift in the way people consume content. For those in the meeting planning business it may be time to embrace the new technologies and reevaluate how they are delivering conference content to their attendees.

4 Trends in Delivering Conference Content

  1. Online Session Handouts
    More attendees are coming to conferences with a tablet or smartphone expecting access to session handouts and papers online. While attendees still find value in printed books, CDs and flash drives, they also want online access. We see organization offer a blended solution with both physical media and an online content site for session handouts and papers. Your vendor should be able to provide options for online content without a major added expense.
  2. Mobile-Friendly Websites
    Providing content online means accommodating a wide variety of devices from smartphones and tablets to laptops. Since mobile devices are becoming a primary tool for users consume content, it’s best to start with a mobile strategy in mind. Make sure your website which houses your conference content has a mobile-friendly interface. A mobile-friendly design can be incorporated into any website making it possible for the site to automatically configure to the appropriate user interface (mobile or desktop).
  3. Mobile Event Apps
    Mobile apps are quickly becoming one of the standard elements for distributing conference information. Apps have a number of advantages over their printed counterparts. Mobile apps allow you to better accommodate last minute schedule changes, house a high volume of content and increase attendee engagement. But, mobile event apps are changing rapidly, and you will be confronted with a number of decisions on the type and configuration of your app. Make sure you’re working with a trusted mobile app partner, so you’re not custom building expensive features when configurable options will meet your need.
  4. Building an Archive of Conference Content
    Once making the decision to go online, many organizations start to see the value of building an online conference archive using a  digital publishing platform. Once a site is built, it’s a relatively low cost to archive content year over year. An online archive provides members a valuable asset and chronological record of each annual conference.

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