Is It Time to Break Up With Your Fulfillment Vendor?

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fulfillment companiesYour fulfillment vendor is the linking relationship between your organization and your members or customers. If your members receive their order late, or receive the wrong order all together, it’s your fault in the eyes of your customer (even though your fulfillment partner is actually at fault).

But how do you know when the time has come to consider a new fulfillment company? With so much invested in one (or a few) fulfillment partner(s), this is a HUGE decision to make.

So, what are the warning signs you should break up with your fulfillment vendor?

3 Signs Your Organization Needs a New Fulfillment Vendor

  1. You’re not communicating. Since your fulfillment vendor is the link between your organization and your customers, it is critical that they are keeping you informed of any problems. If one of their printers is down, if a customer gets the wrong order, or if they lost an order you should be the first to know. What’s more, your customers should not be the ones informing you of the problems.
  2. Your fulfillment vendor does not treat your product as their own. If the company fulfilling your continuing education materials or publications is shipping out books with missing pages or incorrect covers, they are clearly showing a lack of concern for your product and a lack of respect to your organization. These careless mistakes are a direct representation on your organization’s brand; is that how you represent your brand?
  3. Your order fulfillment process causes you a lot of work. Getting your training materials or publication orders filled should not mean manual labor for you. If you’re sending your orders via email or an excel spreadsheet to your fulfillment problem, you’re already doing too much work. You should be able to automatically send orders from your online store directly to you fulfillment partner via xml format. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

American Industrial Hygiene Association’s Life Post-Break Up

Breaking up with your fulfillment partner is never going to be easy, but it may be necessary. Learn more by hearing the American Industrial Hygiene Association story. They switched their fulfillment partner two years ago; would they tell you it was worth it?



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