3 Easy Solutions to Last Minute Content Updates

Published by Sara Olbrantz | Topics: Content Strategy, Mobile Apps, Online Publishing

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content updatesIn a recent survey of 550+ associations, over 90% of respondents indicated educational content (such as conference and training materials, journals and educational publications) was critical to building relevancy and strengthening their brand.

Unfortunately, keeping your association’s valuable educational content up-to-date is never easy. As an association, you are responsible for delivering your members the most current industry news and trends. And in our fast-paced, information age, keeping your educational resources up-to-date is more difficult than ever!

The good news is as much as technology can complicate how we deliver educational content, it can also make it a lot easier!

3 Ways to Use Technology to Update Association Content

Does a chapter of one of your educational publications need to be revamped? Or maybe there’s a late paper you need published before your annual meeting?

Save yourself the time (and paper), and try incorporating one of these technologies to make updating content quicker and easier!

  1. TouchCode. With TouchCode, association publishers and meeting planners can put an invisible code on printed content which can be read simply by placing a touch screen phone or tablet device to the printed content. The code then leads directly to the updated, online content.
  2. Digital Publishing Platform. Let’s say you use TouchCode, or even a QR Code, to lead to the latest version of your printed content. You still need a place to house your association content online, right? Digital publishing platforms, or eLibraries, make it easy to add late papers or conference recordings without having to wait days or even weeks to get published.
  3. Mobile App. According to a 2011 study, the average person checks their phone 34 times a day. By sending a push notification via your mobile app to your attendees’ or members’ mobile devices, this gives you 34 opportunities in a day for them to see your updated content.

How does your organization keep your content up-to-date in a timely manner?

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