Green Printing for Instructor-Led Training Materials

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carbon neutralI’m sure you’ve all heard the old saying “someone’s trash is someone’s treasure.” But have you ever heard someone’s trash might help you offset your carbon footprint of shipping printed workbooks and study guides to your next instructor-led training (ILT) event?

UPS recently announced a new carbon neutral program allowing customers the ability to offset carbon dioxide emissions that are created when packages are shipped.

How the UPS Carbon Neutral Program Works

How does it work? UPS supports emission reduction projects around the world. The goal of each project is to reduce carbon emission to an environmental impact of net zero or carbon neutral. Some projects include capturing landfill gases and converting to electricity, which is then used to generate power to run factories.

Customers contribute to the program by paying an additional amount per package. It’s estimated costs per package may range from $0.05 – $0.75, depending on shipping method. Essentially, by participating in the UPS program, customers are supporting projects that help neutralize the environmental impact of shipping.

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3 Green Options for Your ILT Courses

If you’re thinking that printing material for your next face-to-face meeting isn’t eco-friendly, here are a few options to help you make your events “greener.”

  1. Printing. Print on recycled paper and use soy based ink, or try one of these other eco-friendly printing tips for your next ILT event.  Need more?  Use an online paper calculator to measure the environmental impact of paper and discover the best paper choices.
  2. Packaging. Ship participant workbooks in cardboard boxes made from post-consumer waste. Request that your fulfillment house doesn’t use packaging fillers made of non-recyclable plastics. Using recycled or shredded paper is a better option.
  3. Shipping.  Consider shipping using the UPS carbon neutral program. The extra cost may be worth the peace of mind.

Want more Green Meeting Tips?

Printing isn’t the only way to create greener meetings. recently released a list of top 10 apps that help you green-up your event.

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