The Secret to Creating Content Association Members Will Love

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creating original contentIn the day of tweets, posts, likes and plus ones, our target market is flooded by thousands of marketing messages a day. This makes it hard to stay motivated when it comes to generating content for your association. After all, who is actually going to see it through all the clutter out there?

The most important thing to remember when creating content is not to use marketing mumbo-jumbo, but to provide potential members valuable insights and original, compelling content that will keep them coming back for more!

5 Ways to Create Compelling Content:

  1. Case Studies: One of the biggest flaws I see organizations making with their content is using vague examples of how they have helped others in the past. Your target audience wants to be able to relate to a specific organization facing similar challenges. Creating an in-depth case study that tells your audience exactly who had the problem, what their needs were and how you fixed it can go a long way in attracting new members. Give them the face to associate with the issue and exactly how you solved it, and you’re essentially telling the potential member/client how you can help them.
  2. Stay Up to Date: Social media is the ultimate news team. You can get the latest industry news or events in a matter of seconds. On many social media sites (especially Twitter) it’s very easy to see what new is trending that day. Find what is trending and write a unique view point on the topic. Remember not to blend in with the crowd, but do whatever you can to give another vantage point of the events.
  3. Create an Extensive Survey: Survey industry professionals about what they are doing and what trends they see in the near future. Industry professionals are always looking at what others are doing, and even what they aren’t. Imagine generating a survey that every single person in your industry would like to see. Now that’s content we all want to generate, and that’s the content that search engines love!
  4. Be Innovative: Be different from the crowd and think outside the box. Come up with creative ways to solve common problems. Rethink a more efficient way to accomplish a common daily task within your industry. Innovative content is a sure way to gain return visitors to your association’s website or blog.
  5. Talk as a Friend, Not as a Superior:  Have you ever noticed that it’s so much easier to take advice from a friend than it is from a complete stranger? That’s exactly why when you write your content, try speaking with a friendly voice that might even joke around here and there. It’s so much nicer to read content that feels like we’re talking to our best friend than it is to read content that sounds like it’s straight out of college textbook. (Yuck!)

How are you creating compelling content for your members?


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August 21st, 2012Sara Olbrantz says:


I absolutely agree with you; creating innovative, compelling content is the key such as case studies and surveys should be an integral part of every organization’s content strategy.

I think all those responsible for creating compelling content for their organization would agree, at times, this is a process that makes us want to pull our hair out!

When I’m suffering the dreaded writer’s block, I take an article I have written it before, and create a visual representation of it. Visual content (such as an infographic or slideshare) is hot right now, and lucky for us, it’s fun to create!

Here’s an example of creating visual content from written content:



How do you overcome writer’s block?


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