8 Steps to Distributing Association Content Online

Published by Sara Olbrantz | Topics: Content Strategy, News, Online Publishing

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how to distribute content onlineOver the last five years, the popularity of publishing association content online has skyrocketed!

More and more associations are starting to market their valuable educational content (conference proceedings, publications, training manuals, etc.) online to become more visible and relevant to search engines, and ultimately more discoverable and attractive to existing and potential members.

The question is no longer IF associations need to put content online, it’s HOW to put content online.

Omnipress Releases a Book on Digital Publishing for Associations

Recently, Omnipress announced the release of their new book, Digital Publishing for Associations. In the book, Sean Lawler and Steve Manicor break down the overwhelming process of putting content online into eight simple steps. From this, they hope associations will feel more comfortable and confident in putting their content in a digital publishing platform.

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Free eBook: Digital Publishing For Associations
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