6 Trends in Association Marketing – ASAE Report

Published by Sara Olbrantz on August 2nd, 2012 | Topics: Associations

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asae annual meeting 2012Recently, the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) released their 2012 Association Marketing Trendswatch. This was the first of its kind, which will be an annual report released by ASAE’s Marketing Section Council on trends shaping the marketing practices of association professionals.

ASAE’s report identified six major trends association marketers are seeing. Here is the list (listed in order of importance) along with a few tips to make life a little easier.

  1. It’s harder than ever to capture the attention of our audience. With the evolution of technology, members have shorter attention spans and want (and expect) information quickly and easily.Solution:Make sure your association content is easily accessible and searchable online. Making content available in a digital publishing platform allows members to use a simple site search to find the exact document they are looking for. These eLibraries are also search engine optimized, so non-members can find you when they are searching for industry content.
  2. We’re managing more information and more channels than ever before.  According to the survey, 85.8% of respondents said they have blended their traditional and online marketing materials. And with new social media platforms popping up seemingly every day, it’s only getting harder to find the right way to deliver content.Solution:Make sure you have an established content strategy when it comes to sharing educational materials over social media or even traditional marketing channels. When and what you post can be the difference between a successful message and one that goes unnoticed. Also, keep track of which channels are successful for your association. There’s no one solution; each association should have their own unique content strategy.
  3. We rely on technology: Just like the association marketing landscape, the technologies we use are ever-changing. From social media, PPC campaigns, blogs and more, there is an endless number of ways to deliver content online.Solution:Make sure you stay organized, especially with your online marketing. Using programs like HootSuite, you can schedule social media posts to all of the major social media sites. This allows you to control exactly when you make posts, even when you’re not at your computer.
  4. Competition is fierce. Let’s face it; there is an association for just about everything under the sun. 89.4% of respondents feel threatened by the increasing competition.Solution:Stay ahead of the competition by staying on top of technology. Supply members with content in an eBook format. With Kindle Fire and iPad sales increasing, more members want their content in a format that is readable on their tablets. Make sure your content is deliverable in epub and mobi formats.
  5. We’re working to earn trust.  Unfortunately, marketing isn’t always valued or seen as important within your association. This can often times lead to cuts in your marketing budget.Solution:Back up your online marketing efforts by utilizing web analytics to show the impact marketing has on attracting new members. Google Analytics is a great tool for showing the value of your hard work, as you can compare, contrast and show website traffic very easily. An added bonus: It’s free!
  6. We’re doing it global. According to the study, 48.5% of associations who responded said they are experiencing engagement from members outside of the United States.Solution:Although this may not apply to everyone, you must always be prepared. Developing an international membership policy or customer relationship management process will help your association direct the right information to international members.

ASAE’s 2012 Annual Meeting

These association trends outline just some of the valuable information you can learn about at  ASAE’s Annual Meeting this year in Dallas August 11-14th!

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