How to Spice Up Your Association Content Strategy

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new ways to share contentHave you lost the spark with your association’s content strategy?

While your association’s content strategy may have been rock solid in a few years ago, it may be time to consider a tune up!

Time’s a changin’ and so is the way your members want to receive content. And just like any meaningful, long-lasting relationship, there are times when you need to spice things up!

3 Ways to Share Association Content

  1. Try a new content delivery format. “It’s not you. It’s just your format.”
    Maybe your association content isn’t the problem; maybe it’s how you’re delivering it to your members! Spice up your standard conference proceedings flash drive by offering it online in a digital publishing platform. Plus, it’s a sure way to make sure attendees won’t lose flash drives!
  2. Embrace visual content marketing. “Let’s get visual, visual.”
    It’s old news that websites like Pinterest and Instagram have hit the social media world with a storm forcing marketers to take on a more visual approach to content marketing. These websites are perfect for posting helpful infographics summarizing member surveys and photos from your annual conference. But if you’re not ready to add another social media website to your list of daily social updates, then simply try attaching photos to your Twitter and Facebook updates.
  3. Rethink your social media strategy. “Look at it from their perspective.”
    Are you still posting the same message across all social media platforms? Each social media website has a different purpose and provides a unique way to deliver your content. Don’t sell your content short by linking your Twitter account to your Facebook account. Social media provides your association a free opportunity to establish yourself as an industry expert and attract new membership… Just make sure your social media strategy is solid.

How is your association spicing up your content strategy to attract more members?

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