How to Increase Quality Facebook Likes For Your Association

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increase association likesAs part of your social media strategy, is it your association’s goal to gain 200 Facebook Likes this year? 300? 500?

Often times when talking with other social media professionals I ask them what their goal is this year for Facebook.  They always seem to give me some huge number of likes.

Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of generating meaningful social engagement?

If the people who have liked your association’s Facebook page aren’t directly interested in your association and industry, you may as well have no likes at all. What I tell the associations or other organizations is not to use the “get rich quick” schemes. It’s about the quality of your following, not the quantity.

So, how do you get quality likes from people who are actually interested in your association?

5 Ways to Get Quality Likes on Facebook

  1. Add a Like button to your email signature. Get the people you interact with every day to Like your association website. You probably send hundreds of emails a week, and those are people who actually care about what you do!
  2. Add Like buttons to individual pages of content on your association website.  As an association your content (conference proceedings, publications, etc.) is highly valued by industry professionals. Individuals are more likely to Like a specific piece of content they find helpful than an organization’s website or digital publishing platform, so it’s important to give them this option. (Little do they know, the Like button on the individual content page is the same as the one on the home page.)
  3. Add Like buttons to email blasts. The individuals on your email lists have already vested an interest in getting to know your association better, so they are more likely to engage with your content.
  4. Add your Facebook page URL to business cards. Don’t miss a single networking opportunity to share your Facebook page. Let these individuals know, your Facebook page is where they can get the latest industry news and updates.
  5. Post original content on your Facebook page. By posting unique content available only on your Facebook page, you will make people WANT to like your page so they are always getting this exclusive content.

How is your association developing a quality, engaged following on Facebook? Comment below and let us know! …And don’t be shy to share this article on Facebook!

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July 19th, 2012Sara says:


That’s a great idea, putting your like button on email signatures!
I guess you have to use an image and link to do that?


July 20th, 2012Aaron Manogue says:

It really depends on the email hat you use but you’re absolutely right, with 90% of them you’ll have to add an image with a link to your Facebook page. It’s really a great way to make sure those who you are connected with via email are connected to you socially as well. Just another way to further your company’s social reach!

Aaron Manogue



July 20th, 2012Sara Olbrantz says:

Sara & Aaron,

As content marketing evolves, we are absolutely moving into a more visual content revolution. This is evident as infographics gain momentum and social media sites like Pinterest and Intagram become more popular.

With that said, I definitely like use of images in an email signature for social engagement. At the same time, it’s become so common that we’re almost starting to overlook it.

I’ve noticed a few people/organizations getting more creative with their email signatures. For example, for the eNewsletter I send out every month I include our usual social media widgets at the bottom, but take it one step farther playing off of the social language “Facebook Stalking” to catch the attention of the readers.

Here is a sample eNewsletter. Scroll to the bottom to see the signature:

What other creative approaches do you see organizations doing for incorporating social media into email signatures?

Sara Olbrantz

Twitter: SaraOlbrantz


July 26th, 2012Email Signatures says:

Looks genius to us.

There’s also an entire ebook just on putting social media in your email signature – I think it’s worth a look.

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