[Video] Digital Publishing Platforms for Associations

Published by Sara Olbrantz | Topics: Content Strategy, Online Publishing

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Does your association’s digital publishing platform allow for content management, access control, eCommerce and refined searching?

From desktop computers to laptops and now to eReaders and smartphones, it is essential for associations to publish their educational content from meetings, training events and publications online for their members (and maybe non-members).

Technology is not going away, and that is exactly why your association needs to make sure this content is online in a usable way for your members to access without difficulties.

Watch this short video to see what a digital publishing platform can do.

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Sara has worked for Omnipress in the past as our Marketing Communications Coordinator. She has contributed a great amount to make our blog what it is today and has been published in association publications numerous times.

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July 24th, 2012John A on Video Conferencing says:

Wow. This is a great video. I really like the features you’ve identified of this digital publishing platform. I particularly like how content can be indexed in search engines several times.


July 25th, 2012Sean M. Lawler says:

Thanks John. The “every page”-indexing is very helpful especially when you have large documents like publications or technical papers. And another nice thing is that you can open up the pages to search engines without offering access to the general public. This allows users to search for and share the content, but limits access until they complete the requirements to see it (monetary or otherwise).

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Twitter: SeanMLawler

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