4 Things You Didn’t Know Your Abstract Management System Could Do

Published by Sara Olbrantz | Topics: Online Collection Systems

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online systems for collecting presentationsIt’s not a secret: Online abstract collection and management systems are critical to organizing and planning a successful conference or meeting.

Can you imagine trying to keep 200 different submissions from different authors organized in your gmail inbox?

Google is good at a lot of things, but abstract management is not one of them.

But your system for collecting, reviewing and managing submissions is capable of even more than you might realize!

Did you know you can also use your online submission system for your:

  • Call for reviewers?
  • Nominations/Applications for the board or other positions?
  • Directories?
  • Party RSVPs?

Sean Lawler outlines these creative ways organizations are using their submission systems in this recent article on Engage365.

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