3 Tips for Making Your Digital Publishing Platform Found Online

Published by Sara Olbrantz | Topics: Content Strategy, Online Publishing

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search engine optimizationYour Digital Publishing Platform has the potential of becoming the perfect marketing machine for your association.

Once your Digital Publishing Platform content is organized and updated, it’s important to make sure it gets indexed properly so search engines are able to find it and rank it highly.

Not everyone is an SEO expert, so here are a few things association professionals can do to make sure their valuable content is indexed by search engines.

Clear Submission Guidelines

When you are collecting submissions by conference presenters, consider following specific, established scholarly material formatting requirements that will enhance findability, such as:

Establish a Content Calendar

Create a “Special Offerings” plan and schedule to ensure you have content to offer periodically. For example, most popular paper over the last month, most recent articles/papers, message from executive staff, interviews with contributors or keynote speakers, etc.

Content Marketing Plan

Create a Content Marketing plan that lists offerings and specifics. This can also be used as a Tracking template – updated to determine how successful an offering was based on Google Analytic results. Template could include:

  • URL
  • Keywords
  • Name of offering
  • Target audience – analytics to verify success
  • Time period of offering
  • Percent response that would be considered successful – # of new visitors; # of recurring visitors; # who joined/purchased
  • Social media use, etc.

What is your association doing to ensure your content is indexed by search engines and found on the Internet? Tell us on Twitter (#omnipress).

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April 27th, 2015John Wheeler says:

These are all important especially that today’s competition in the SEO world is getting stiff. You really have to make sure that everything are well done. Thank you for this one.

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