Compile Award Nominations on Your Abstract Collection Site

Published by Sean Lawler | Topics: Conferences, Online Collection Systems

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online collection systemsAre you looking for an easier way to collect and organize award nominations or applications for grants for your association’s annual meeting or other events?

Every now and then, your members deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. Lately, there have been a number of associations looking for an easier way to collect all the data and materials required to judge who is worthy of an award or grant.

Why not use your online system for collecting and managing abstracts and speaker files?

You should be able to take all of the different information, documents, photos and videos you have to assemble to properly judge and acknowledge the achievements of your members.  Your system should also allow you to transform the winning participants into a fantastic final output.

For an added bonus, you can compile these award nominations or grant applications side-by-side your regular event’s Call for Abstracts within the same collection site.

Time to start polishing those trophies!

Free Download: Abstract Collection Systems


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