3 Ways to Get Funky With Conference Flash Drives

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affordable USB drivesYour association can customize your conference flash drives in just about any way imaginable – Legos, fire trucks, bacon. (Yes, bacon.)

That is what makes customized flash drives perfect for association conferences; for every unique association, there is a unique flash drive.

But you don’t need to go all out with crazy (and pricier) shapes if you don’t want to. What you can do is spice up your typical swivel USB with little to no extra cost.

3 Ways to Customize Flash Drives Affordably


color flash drivesColor Coordinate Session Flash Drives.
For each session at your annual meeting or conference, assign a unique colored flash drive to hold all the session handouts. You can even get the course or session number etched into the colored USB for future reference.


flash drive lanyardsTry Lanyard Flash Drives.
Yes, you can attach a swivel flash drive or mini drive to a lanyard, but you can also get flash drives that are built into the lanyard. Plus, the lanyard provides the perfect place to include your association’s (or a sponsor) logo!


USB packagingFlash Drive Packaging Matters.
Keith Johnston of PlannerWire says, “If you’re going to send it, make an impact.” Try changing your flash drive packaging! Attendees will appreciate if you put their flash drives in a mini case. See how Keith shows attendees the value of conference drives.

It’s not rocket science. It’s the little things that will show your conference attendees and association members you care and value their loyalty.

Check out more funky flash drives on Pinterest: omnipress.com/pinterest


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April 22nd, 2016Hazel Owens says:

I like your idea to change up your flash drive packaging if you’re sending them out to attendees. You can specialize a case to match your company and make it unique and fun. Plus, like you said, little things like that can show attendees and association members that you appreciate them and their loyalty. Thanks for the article.

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