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innovative content deliveryNothing’s sexier than the sleek, clean look of a brand new 4G iPad, right?

With the popularity of online content and the astounding growth of smartphones and tablet devices, people have been waving farewell to print claiming it’s an archaic, boring and static medium.

But is print really dead?

The Battle Between Print and Online Content

As popularity for online content continually increases, equally has the debate between delivering educational content for meetings, training events and publications in print vs. online. These debates have lead people to believe these two mediums cannot co-exist.

With restricting budgets and pressure from their members, associations feel they have to choose between print or online solutions for their conference materials, continuing education and trade publications.

Print AND Online Content Strategy – The “A-HA!” Moment

Over time, associations have begun to realize print AND online can co-exist (even with budget restraints). After all, isn’t the purpose of an association to deliver members relevant and highly-valued content in the way they want to consume it?

Print is still a part of that equation for many association members.

Print Just Got Sexy!

But how do you turn print, the “archaic, boring, static medium,” into something flashy and sexy like all of the cool iPads and smartphones?

Here’s a great example: Check out this video that shows how print is evolving, and creating a case for itself in being new and innovative by including video, audio and online content. Print is no longer complacent with being perceived as irrelevant.

Be sure to click on the ‘Media and Publishing’ Door at the 1:20 min mark in the video:

[Video] Touchcode: Invisible Code Printed on Paper


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