Leveraging Print Publications With Online Technologies

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ideas for print publicationsLooking for ways to be creative with your printed publications or on-site training content this year? You might even be thinking about dropping print all together.

Print doesn’t have to be a dying technology in your association.
You simply need to find the right way to help it evolve with the growing popularity of online, tablet and mobile content.

3 Ways to Power Print With Online Applications

  1. Utilize QR Codes. Create QR codes linking from your printed course handbooks to your online registration system. This is a great way to leverage print and show you’re still keep up with technology. Plus, your association members will love being able to sign up for other courses or seminars using their tablets or smart phones.
  2. Consider eBook Conversion. Expand your marketing reach by making your print publications available in an eBook format. Your printing company should be able to create an eBook version of your publications with the same files you send them for the printed version. You can even package your content and offer special deals: Buy the printed publication, get the eBook version for free!
  3. Develop Custom URLs or PURLs. Create a link to unique content on your website that is only accessible thru promotion on a printed course handbook or on your latest printed publication. By creating a custom URL, you can use your website analytics to measure online traffic generated through printed content. This type of approach might be a great way to test your next marketing idea without additional spending or resources.

If you have other ideas on how to leverage print AND online, please share (#omnipress)!

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