Increase Your Association’s Credibility: Choose Authentic Speakers

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presentation-tips-speakersRecently at HSMAI’s MEET Mid-America, Anne Warfield, CEO and Outcome Strategist with Impression Management Professionals, shared the importance of remaining authentic when giving a presentation, or showing congruency in the way we think, speak and act, whether we are in front of a room full of attendees or not.

Stop Trying to Change Presenter’s Actions and Words

When you’re preparing speakers for your association’s annual meeting, you may send them presentation tips suggesting they stand versus sit, utilize their hands gestures or use fluctuation in their voices.

The problem with trying to change a speaker’s actions and words is they will lose authenticity, and your attendees will realize quickly the person they see on stage or in front of an audience is a different person in real life.

What does an inauthentic speaker say about the credibility of your annual meeting and your association?

Change the Way Your Speakers Think

The speaker is not the key part of the presentation.  It’s your attendees.

When you’re reviewing your initial call for presentations, look for the speakers who really made their presentation about the audience.

Attendees want to learn:

  • Impact: How to make a greater impact in their organization and/or industry.
  • Problems: What problems they might face and how to avoid them.
  • Opportunities: Where opportunities are and how they can take advantage of them.

Once the presentation becomes about the attendees, speakers become authentic and genuine, and their actions and words fall into place… making your association more credible and valuable to your members.

Want More Tips on Increasing Association Credibility and Value?

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