Is Using Learning Management Systems to House Association Content a Good Idea?

Published by Sara Olbrantz | Topics: Online Publishing, Training

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online continuing educationYour association’s learning management system (LMS) is good for a lot of things. It houses a lot of your association’s training materials, or maybe even other educational publications in one centralized location online. It allows you to administer and track training or eLearning programs and issue credits to members.

But don’t be fooled. Just because your LMS may work well for providing continuing education to members doesn’t make it the perfect place to house your association content online. Especially when you want your content out there on the web as a resource for your members.

One thing your LMS is NOT good at is making your training materials, educational publications and other valuable content findable on the Internet. It doesn’t take magic to reach the top of Google search results (and it doesn’t have to take money), it just takes your association’s content.

Making Your LMS and Training Materials Findable Online

If your association is looking for a way use your LMS and training content as a marketing strategy to attract new members, you need to be findable by major search engines. Unfortunately, the training education housed in your LMS is not search engine optimized and while Google is good at what they do – they can’t see through walls (yet).

You’ll need to integrate your LMS with a robust online eLibrary or digital publishing platform.  Each page of content in an eLibrary  is indexed by Google with its own, unique URL which means each page is search engine optimized. You can even control who sees what content in your digital publishing platform. This means “Member Fred” can have complete access to your 5, 10 or 20 year archive of premium association content, and “Non-Member Susan” can only see little bits of content.

Findable content is the key to new membership.

Are you hiding your continuing education content in a LMS?

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