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speaker presentation tipsAs someone who coordinates annual meetings or midyear conferences for your association, you understand the value of your conference lies in the educational content. Attendees love conference learning journals, final programs and session handouts, and of course, speaker presentations.

But what happens when your keynote speaker plasters their entire presentation word-for-word on their poorly assembled PowerPoint and stands in one spot (heaven forbid, behind a podium) using their best Ben Stein voice? Most speakers are the elite professionals in their field, let’s face it, they may not be the most engaging or the smoothest of talkers.

Donna Kastner, Director of Education & Engagement at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, recently wrote a refreshing article, “5 Presentation Sins Committed by Conference Speakers”.  She outlines some of the biggest mistakes speakers make at conferences and events –Mistakes that can send attendees running for the door (or into a deep sleep).

What can you do to ensure presenters keep attendees engaged?

Presentation Tips for Your Conference Speakers

So, your call for abstracts has closed, you’ve reviewed the submissions in your online collection system and chosen the speakers for your annual conference. How about sending presenters some public speaking tips?

Speaking at your association’s annual meeting is about two-way communication, engaging attendees with social gaming and fun presentation styles like PechaKecha. That is how attendees learn, retain and implement the content at your association’s annual meeting. Times have changed, and public speaking is no longer a one-way objective lecture taking place behind a podium. Our old school college professors taught us wrong! (Or at least mine did.)

Here are 11 Presentation Tips for Speakers to get you started, and I bet you can think of more.

What are you doing to ensure your speakers aren’t committing Donna Kastner’s 5 deadly speaking sins?

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