Complementing Association Content With Social Media Marketing

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social-media-strategyWith social media being the new age drug addiction, popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Pinterest have become the favorite hangouts for your association members (and future members).

As you know, with social media marketing, you encounter a number of challenges around the best way to measure the return on social marketing investment along with limitations on budget and resources (all of which works hand-in-hand).

What’s important is that it’s no longer a question of IF social media marketing is successful. We know social marketing is a valuable way to increase brand awareness and share association content. But how can your organization leverage social media successfully?

Associations Have Valuable Content

The great thing about an association is that creating valuable content for a community of members is nothing new to you. Even before the internet, you have been holding annual meetings where you provided your attendees with printed conference programs, proceedings or session handouts. You’ve been sending monthly or quarterly publications with valuable education coming straight from the industry experts (you) for a long time.

You’re no spring chicken!

But before you jump on the Pinterest or Google+ bandwagon, you need a place to host all the conference proceedings, poster presentations and other annual meeting content you’ve collected throughout the years.

Choosing a Digital Publishing Platform For Association Content

Sure, you could create a blog or put links to PDFs on your association or conference website as a short-term solution to share it via social media sites. But social media is not going anywhere and its influence is only gaining momentum. A digital publishing platform may be a better hosting solution for your association’s content in the long-term.

The right publishing platform should archive your content AND it should also have:

  • Searchability: When it comes to finding what we need online, our patience is short and your members are no different. Whether it’s a 2010 speaker presentation or last year’s conference proceedings, they want to be able to “Google it” and find it FAST! That means each page of your publishing platform should be search engine optimized so it can be indexed by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Social Sharing: Make it easy for members (or maybe non-members) to share your association content by including social sharing widgets. Embedding social links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn greatly increases the chances of members getting that content into multiple social media channels… doing your marketing for you!
  • Access Control: Perhaps you’re thinking you don’t want the entire Facebook community to have open access to your association’s valuable content. If you want to make access to your scholarly publications and/or speaker presentations a members-only benefit, you should be able to do so. You can still offer snippets of content to non-members to entice them to join your association for full benefits. Snippets allow you to share content via social media while still controlling the access to your content.

How is your organization using social media marketing to complement your association content?

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February 23rd, 2016Maria Mudley says:

Neat article Sara! Another thing that boosts content marketing other than social media is blogging.

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