Branded Shipping Labels For Association Packaging

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branded shipping labelsAs an association you understand brand is everything.

From the consistency in design of your association website to your online publication bookstore, the impression you leave members with is always carefully considered. You understand every interaction with your website and organization, no matter how large or small, is a direct reflection of your brand and reputation.

Unfortunately, getting your budget and resources to align with brand initiatives isn’t always easy. But a lot of work is put towards building your association brand, so it’s important not to let dwindling budgets
get in the way. You simply need to get creative!

Is Custom Branded Packaging Not in Your Association Budget?

If you print materials for your on-site training events or sell publications through your online store, chances are this content is sent out in a boring brown box or padded envelop. Creating custom branded association packaging isn’t usually a part of your budget.

But what if there was a more cost-effective method to turn every package of training manuals you ship into an extension of your brand? What if you had something that could be applied to any packaging type including polybags, padded envelopes or corrugated boxes?

You can… with your shipping labels!

3 Ways Shipping Labels Can Extend Your Marketing

  1. Add Your Association Logo. Your logo is at the heart of your association’s brand. Adding your logo or name to every package increases your brand exposure with everyone who comes in contact with your package. Plus, in the event you don’t have custom branded boxes, it also makes it easier for your on-site classroom instructors to identify the package is from their trusted manual printing and fulfillment vendor.
  2. Add A Coupon Code. Link recipients directly to your online bookstore to receive a discount on their next publication order. Who doesn’t love a great deal?
  3. Add A QR Code. Link recipients directly to your website for access to a free publication or to promote your next upcoming training seminar.  If you create a QR code leading directly to a customized landing page on your association website, using analytics you can even measure the success of your marketing campaign.

What more ideas? Check out our new Big Ideas Page.

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