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managing submissionsEvery day I talk to people who don’t know they are bleeding. Let me explain.

Have you ever accidentally cut yourself and didn’t notice until you looked down and said, “Whoa, I’m bleeding!”

Earlier this spring I called a Director of Education and Events at a small state veterinary association. Christine was struggling with collecting and managing the materials the presenters submit like PowerPoints, bios, disclosures and AV requirements.

Sometimes the presentations were too large to send via email, leaving her to collect some materials via hard copy or CD/Flash Drive.

On top of all this, she was managing overlapping submission periods with four different annual meetings, each with 20-100 speakers/submissions.

She’d been doing this for several years. Christine didn’t know she was bleeding.

3 Processes for Collecting and Managing Submissions

Many of my clients who organize meetings and conferences have struggled with the process of collecting and managing submissions at some point. They usually fit into one of three categories:

Collection of speaker submissions via web form or email.

  • Submissions are normally tracked on spreadsheets, but it’s hard to tell who has submitted and who hasn’t.
  • Some email submissions don’t make it through spam filters, or exceed file size limitations.
  • They usually use email to remind, nag and finally beg the speakers to submit their materials for the book, CD, flash drive or online site in order to be produced in time for the annual meeting.

Complex automated collection systems.

  • Requires a lot of custom programming to make it work for their unique collection process.
  • Expensive to maintain.
  • The level of support you need exceeds the amount the vendor is willing to give.

Mish mash of online tools like content or document management systems or Dropbox.

  • Entails a lot of time managing all of the tools
  • Complex to move content from one tool to the next.
  • Notifying speakers is very time consuming.

Finding a Flexible Online Abstract Management System

Christine decided to move forward with an affordable and flexible abstract management system to keep all of her speaker information in one place. She’s estimated she’ll gain at least 2-3 weeks of her professional life back.

Ultimately, she justified the expense of a new online collection system with what she could do with the time saved. Now she can focus more time on talking to potential sponsors about revenue and sell more exhibitor space. She estimates with the extra work time she can increase revenue by up to $20,000.

Christine now looks like a hero; she just became more efficient and she netted the association much more than the solution cost.

Don’t be like the famous-actor-turned-governor (no, not Arnold) who once said in a movie, “I ain’t got time to bleed.”

Does this sound familiar?  Here are some resources:

Free Download: Abstract Collection Systems


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