Bilingual Abstract and Final Presentation Collection Sites

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Your online system for collecting, reviewing and managing speaker files is critical to getting top notch conference content delivered to your attendees. This process should be seamlessly easy for your submitters to use. They should be able to:

  • Respond to your call for abstracts or call for proposals
  • Save a draft submission to finish later
  • Upload biographical information and photos
  • Add rich-text features to enhance their submission
  • Submit disclosures
  • Agree to copyright releases
  • Request A/V equipment
  • Submit final presentations and/or papers

My question for you is: What languages is your online collection site available in for your submitters?

Yes, “languages” is plural.

How to Create a Bilingual Online Collection System

managing abstract submissions

With a robust system for collecting, reviewing and managing your abstracts and final presentation (and a helpful support team), you collection site should be made available in as many languages as needed to reach all your submitters.

It’s simple. Simply provide the support team of your online collection system with the translation, and your support team will create an identical collection site in any and every language you need.

How are you ensuring your system for collecting abstracts and final presentations is seamlessly easy for your submitters to use?

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