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association membershipIt’s official. Social media is the new age cigarette addiction.

It’s no longer a question of, “Camel or Marlboro?” Today it’s more like, “Retweet or Like?”

In a recent study from the University of Chicago, researchers had 205 subjects ages 18-85 wear devices measuring their desires. Right at the top of desires with sleep and sex ranked media (and in conjunction social media). Subjects showed such a strong desire and lack of control when it came to texting and checking social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the addiction was seen as more powerful than that of tobacco or alcohol.

Really? People can kick the smokes, but not the tweets?

Is Your Association Fueling the Social Media Addiction?

I recently wrote an article, Is Your Association Attracting Generation Y Membership, where I addressed this social media addiction in Generation Y, “Whether it’s through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or a Conference Website it’s important for associations to provide a place for their members to engage, network and of course ‘Facebook stalk.’”

The desire to “Facebook stalk” and repeatedly check Twitter for Lady GaGa’s wacky updates is at an ultimate high. (Believe me, I know.) But this study was not conducted on a bunch of 20-something-year-old, tech-savvy, media crazed kids. Social media addiction is seen across all adult generations.

So, it’s not just about keeping (your association) up with the Jones’ to attract new Generation Y membership. It’s about staying on top of social media and generating valuable content to attract multi-generational membership through these mediums.

Is your association catering to members’ social media needs?

Association Content – Being Findable is Key

To attract new association membership, findability is key. So the question is how can you make your association more findable on the Internet?

The answer: Association Content!

By nature, your association generates TONS of content. Years of session materials in print and on CD, countless proceedings on flash drives, and timeless case-bound educational publications at your fingertips and on your hard drives… all of which is so valuable professionals will pay membership fees to have access.

Content is the fuel, now how do you start the fire and keep it spreading?

Online Knowledge Centers and Social Media – Burn, Baby, Burn!

Your association website is a start, but what about extending your association website and creating an online proceedings archive, or Online Knowledge Center, to host all of the valuable content you’ve collected throughout the years from annual meetings and educational events? These online platforms can do a lot, but to name a few:

  • Content in a Knowledge Center is findable by Google.
  • Knowledge Centers have advanced search capabilities so that 2003 technical paper from Joe Schmoe’s session on “Myspace: The Future of Associations” is super easy to locate.
  • Even though it may seem like your association’s valuable resources are floating into the unknown, you control access so you choose how much content is seen by who and for how long.

Once your association starts the fire by putting content in a Knowledge Center, you keep the fire burning with social media marketing. You already know where your future membership hangs out – the social smoking patio (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), so continue to promote your online archive as you continue to update old manuals and generate new conference recordings and publications.

Lastly, please note the social sharing widgets below.

Feed the addiction – Tweet it. Like It. Share It. Just don’t smoke it.

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